Mountain Home High School Boys Basketball Store 2018

***Store Opens 10/12/18 and closes at midnight on 11/18/18***

*Note: We will order all items when the store closes. At that point it is about a 2 week turn around time to get printed items back to the team administrator in your organization, Brion Bethel, who will then make them available at Mountain Home High School.  Any items that wished to be ordered after the store has closed may not be available and will be subject to additional shipping and set up fees. Please use product measurements to assure correct sizing. All orders are final. No refunds, exchanges or returns may be made.

SHOES/ SOCKS/ COMPRESSION GEAR - If you would like to get discounted shoes, socks, or compression gear click on the link below.  These items will be shipped directly to you within 3 days.

ITEM CARE INFORMATION - It is critical that all items are properly laundered in order to ensure their longevity. Never wash items in hot or warm water and never dry these items. Always wash in cold water and hang dry them

 **Items subject to availability**

*A Minimum of 20 items must be ordered or all the orders will be refunded.*