Ski and Snowboard Club Check List

Ski and Snowboard Club Director's Pre-season Check List

  • Travel
    • Bus transportation
    • Will you need a trailer for gear?
    • Do you need to collect travel consent forms from students?
  • Schedule with your ski resort
  • Student information
    • What is the student's skill level?
    • Do they have their own equipment (ski/snowboard, boots, etc.)
  • Liability forms from students
  • Rental forms (in case gear breaks down)
  • Chaperones / Lodge Mom or Dad
  • Do they have or have access to:
    • Water repellent hoodies
    • Winter jackets
    • Sweats / Travel Gear
    • Club branded gear
  • Extras: 
    • Photographer
    • Social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

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