Three Extreme Benefits Of Utilizing Online Team Stores

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Three Extreme Benefits Of Utilizing Online Team Stores

One of the best features of working with Select Printing is the option to set up online stores for your organization, team or school. We've developed an excellent system that truly benefits our customers. 

It wasn't easy to streamline but thanks to having an in house electrical engineer, a sharp graphic designer and a customer specialist, we've got things dialed in. 

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Here are the benefits of utilizing an online store:

  • Saves time and reduces effort
  • Build trust
  • Can raise money

Saves time

Until the development of simple online stores, teams, companies and organizations were forced to use one of two methods: paper forms and in house stores.

Paper forms are a pain. They require you to print them out and distribute, fill out with a pen or pencil, collect back up, collect checks or cash and then turn all of that back in to whomever is getting you your gear. Then you have to separate everything out when you get it so it goes to the right people. And that doesn't factor in having to review each order form, make sure it is filled out and legible and make sure that all the money is accounted for and collected correctly. Don't even get us started on calculating and collecting sales tax.

In house stores require time to set up, schedule people to work and make sure there is enough inventory...but not too much inventory. Left overs cost you money. And you still need to collect money and have enough change on hand for those paying with cash. Again, sales tax must be collected. 

With Select Printing's online stores we take care of all of this.

  • Instead of printing and passing out order forms, you simply send out your store's custom URL via email, text message or your favorite social media channels. 
  • Instead of collecting order forms and payments, we collect all of that online through our software.
  • Instead of interpreting bad hand writing and calculating sales totals, you can let the online store front take care of it (including the sales tax). 
  • Instead of having someone manage your store and limiting the hours that it is open, the store is available online 24 hours per day until you decide to close it.
  • Instead of guessing how many items you will need and how much change to have on hand, we order exactly what is needed.
  • Instead of separating out each order when it comes in, each order is already bagged and labled for you, ready to distribute as soon as you receive.

Builds trust

Select Printing's online stores can really help you build trust with the people you want to purchase from your online store. 

Comparing to the paper forms and collection methods, there is no risk of losing a check or cash that someone gave you to pay for their items. We utilize a secure online payment process that ensures that a customer's credit card info is safe and secure and that nothing will get lost.

Can raise money

With online stores, you as the admin have complete control over the price point of each item. While there will be a minimum cost for each item, you decide what you will charge customers. 

We have found several organizations that use their online stores as a way to also raise money for their programs or finance upcoming purchases. Simply add a couple of bucks to each items and when the store closes Select Printing will cut you check for however many items the store sold.

It's a win-win for everyone

At the end of the day, online stores are good for you and Select Printing. You get to save time, build trust and raise money. We get to provide you an awesome service that will continue to develop our relationship for many years to come.

For more details on how you can set up your online store, contact Clint Hordemann at (208) 989-1550. 



  • Gregg Martinez

    Hello, we are looking for some Eagle High gear for 2 women and 1 man. Any inventory to sell? We missed the cutoff date

  • Shelby Miller

    Hey Clint, I would like to set up an online store for Our boys basketball program. Hoping to get it going soon so people can order and have their stuff towards the begining of season.

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