Special Event Items

Unique garments designed for your event

Welcome to Select Printing, based in Boise, Idaho. We are an apparel decoration shop that can decorate nearly any garment from shirts and sweatshirts to high quality hats. Our team works hard so that you can get the items you the way that you want them without the stress that this process can often bring. Our goals are to:

  • Understand exactly what you want
  • Give you an accurate price
  • Make the production process transparent to you
  • Finish your project on time

You are coaches, teachers and small business owners. You need great gear that is delivered on time and under budget.

We get it.

In fact, that is why we created Select Printing. After years of dealing with the frustrations of missed deadlines, hidden fees and poor quality, we decided we could do it better.

And for years we have done just that.

We are experts in getting our clients exactly what they need. No missed deadlines and decorated garments at the price and style we promise.

There is no better feeling than handing out shirts and hoodies that look amazing.

And we know how devastating (and embarrassing) it can be when you can't produce the gear for your team that you were promised. Avoid all the stress and give us a call for your next screen printing job.

To learn more or to get a quote, feel free to contact our team at your convenience.

Call (208) 329-5139 or email service@selectprintingusa.com