Group Organizer

Group Organizer

As a group organizer, you probably volunteered or got volunteered for the job of helping get your group's apparel ordered. Now you are tasked with choosing the items, finding the right graphic to print, gathering orders, collecting money and delivering the goods. We can help!

Select Printing has several solutions that a group organizer can choose from, whether you are an elementary school PTO/ PTA or the parent of a sports team.

We have the experience to help you choose your items and graphic (including the right price point for your group) and the right system to ease the burden of order taking, collection and delivery of group orders.

Whether you want to be hands on right down to the mesh count and image color or just want to give some basic options and let us do the rest, we are worth reaching out to.

Call or email us and let us know what you need. In 5 minutes we can give you a quick overview of how we can be a benefit to your group's needs.

Group Organizer Examples

Here are a few examples of how we work with a group organizer to make their job easier:

White Pine Elementary PTO

We worked with the group organizer to develop a group of items with the White Pine logo on various shirts, hoodies and zip ups including youth sizes. They needed a single order system to meet their budget needs, so we developed the perfect system for their group.

Boys & Girls Club of Ada County 

The staff at the Boys & Girls Club needs an ongoing supply of staff garments. We set up an online store that offered their staff members an opportunity to purchase the style they wanted in the color of their choice. Items can be picked up or delivered straight to their home.

Want more info?

Feel free to contact us directly with questions on how we can help.