Team Leaders

Your crew works hard. So you want them to have screen printed workwear that represents your company and fits their needs. Whether they need an athletic cut shirt for training people at the gym or gear tough enough to get through a rugged work day over and over again, we have a solution that will meet your needs. And we offer a couple of different options that our customers love when it comes to screen printed workwear.

Order the screen printed workwear you want for your team

If you want to hand select and provide the items to your team, bulk ordering might be the way to go. Simply describe what you need and how many you need and we can find the right mix of quality, style and price. You get all the gear at once and get the added benefit of saving a little money by ordering your screen printed workwear at a higher quantity.

Example: QTI Sensing Solutions - produced a great looking but durable hoodie for employees that kept them warm and looking sharp.

Example: The BAM Jam basketball tournament wanted to provide court monitors with high quality and breathable volunteer shirts that would withstand the heat of an August day. They went with Badger moisture wicking shirts for their screen printed workwear.

Let your employees choose the screen printed workwear they want

If your employees are responsible for the purchase of all or some of their work apparel, you can set up a customized team store to give them options and remove the burden of organizing, selling and completing their orders.

Pick the garments they can order, choose the image or images you want screen printed and let us handle the rest. We will take care of collecting the money, processing the order and delivering the final product. Click here for examples. 

To learn more and see how we can help, give us a call or shoot us an email. Or you can join our mailing list for updates on workwear, trends and new ideas.