Layering for spring on a budget

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Layering for spring on a budget

Living in the Northwest, we are no strangers to the unpredictable weather. Freezing now and warm later is a typical spring day. The weather is always changing and it is wildly inconsistent.
But you still must prepare to do your job in any condition. Whether you play an outdoor spring sport or work outside, having the appropriate layers is a must. It will have you ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here we show you how to put together a four-layer package for under $60*. 

Layers One Through Four

Start with a great base layer like a compression short or long sleeve shirt. Eastbay has high-quality compression gear ranging from $12 to $20. They provide insulation but make it easy to add a lightweight layer over the top.
The next layer is where you can start to customize to your team or company's needs. Long and short sleeve shirts are a "common layer" that is easy to brand. They can be polyester, tri-blend, 50/50 or cotton and will range from $5 to $30. These are perfect when the sun finally comes out.
On top of the common layer, you can go in a lot of different directions depending on your needs. Sweatshirt hoodies, crew neck, and full zips can work as an extra "medium" layer. They are another great place to add your logo. Including your design, hoodies range from $15 to $50, crew necks are $14 to $45, and full zips are $16 to $55. This layer is great when you can still feel the chill but need mobility.
For colder conditions, an extra outer layer would be a high quality customized jacket. They range from $25 to $75 depending on what you need. Embroidered hats and beanies would keep your head warm and would range from $10 to $30. This outer layer is a must when the sun won't come out and temperatures drop.
Proper layering is so critical to a great workday or success on the field. If budget is important, you could do up to four layers for around $60 (including your logo). For name brand garments you could move to Eddie Bauer, Nike, or Under Armour for a bump in price.
Whether you are the coach of a sports team or the owner of a business you have options. Some groups like to buy in bulk and distribute themselves. Others prefer to set up an online store and let their people choose and buy on their own. Either way, you are providing them with the layers they need to be successful in whatever they are doing. And they will look great doing it!
*Things do change. This pricing is current as of this publication but check with us for current pricing.


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