From the Gridiron to GoodEatz

From the Gridiron to GoodEatz

When you see an athlete perform on the field it can be easy to jump to conclusions based on their performance. It is not hard to see the speed, strength, and agility. However, what is hard to see is the creativity and hard work that has nothing to do with on-field production.

The GoodEatz Brand is a perfect example of this.

Started in Boise by several former Boise State football players, GoodEatz is building itself into a multifaceted brand that extends from fashion and workouts to video production. If you follow the NFL or football locally then you’ve probably seen it. Here is the story behind the brand.

The History

The 2012-2015 seasons were big for the Broncos football team. They grabbed multiple bowl wins, finished ranked in the top 20 and won the Mountain West a couple times. But they were also building the ground floor of a friendship that would eventually become GoodEatz.

Initially, GoodEatz was a term that could mean “good job” for anything. From nailing a semester exam to making a big play on the field, the compliment became something more. It became a mentality. It became a rallying cry for success.

Then it became a brand.

Where to find them today

The GoodEatz brand can be found across the country. You probably saw the feature on ESPN about the New York Giant’s Donte Deayon and Darian Thompson [if not click here].

You can also find the GoodEatz brand locally. Shane Williams-Rhodes, an original GoodEatz creator, runs personal training and football camps here in southern Idaho. Last June, GoodEatz hosted a camp in Twin Falls and the turnout was incredible. Over 120 kids attended either the 5-12 year camp or the 13-18 year old camp.

The requests for additional GoodEatz camps continue to come in.

In the meantime, Williams-Rhodes does individual workouts with players in the Boise area. His training is effective and is having a positive impact on players and their families. The work is so well received that his calendar stays full even without advertising. Word of mouth keeps phone calls coming in.

To learn more about GoodEatz you can reach out to Shane at (832) 764-6032 or send him an email at


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