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#SelectStories, Northwest Nazarene University -

Every campus tells a story. The Nighthawks of Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho celebrate the beginning of basketball season with a special midnight madness event for their students and fans. The men's and women's teams join up with students for a fan festival, showcase game, three-point contest and slam dunk contest.The goal for the evening is to bring together the NNU community and have a great night of fun!

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#SelectStories, Capital High School -

Homecoming traditions are a part of high school life. And this homecoming game has been giving players a unique experience for a long time. 

See what Capital High School is doing to rally their students during Homecoming week.

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#SelectStories, Black and Blue Bowl -

More than a rivalry, it is “Two communities united by sport”. We come together for the same purpose and that is to build strong, successful kids. It helps them strive to be the better version of themselves. 

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The STIL -

Chances are you have seen or heard about The STIL, one of Boise's homegrown unique experiences. 

But have you heard their story? 

Listen to the Kasey Allen tell the story about how The STIL went from a side conversation to a bustling business. If you love ice cream, this story is for you. If you want to learn the keys to running a successful business, you will also want to check this out.

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#SelectStories, Yotes for Hope -

Yotes for Hope is one of those special programs that really makes an impact. Follow the College of Idaho Program Council around for a day of sharing with these special kids.

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