A Homecoming Tradition

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A Homecoming Tradition

Homecoming traditions are a part of high school life. And this homecoming game has been giving players a unique experience for a long time. 

See what Capital High School is doing to rally their students during Homecoming week.

High school football…

…girls style


[Ron Marthe] My name's Ron Marthe. I'm the girls head basketball coach here at Capital High School and tonight we have our powder puff football game for Homecoming Week. We're excited about that!

For a lot of these girls they've been cheering for football, or maybe watching with their families. But they actually haven't had a chance to play it themselves so this is their first time.

Some of them are getting that experience of lining up and understanding what it means to block or run out for a pass or tackle somebody.

[Ryan Hibbs] I'm actually the head coach the senior team. This is my third year coaching and we’re looking to win our first championship.

I call all the plays. We are all hooked up on mics and headsets and we are all communicating with all the coaches.

[Sierra Cole] We've just done it every single year and it’s just tradition and keeping that going. Seniors typically win. It's just always really fun getting the school rallied up for Homecoming.

[Hibbs] It’s a fun thing we do for homecoming and it's just good a chance for the girls to get out here and play some flag football.

[Marthe] And it's just one of those things that…you know, you'll always remember Homecoming Week. You always remember your junior and senior years of high school and those fun things that you got to do. You'll look back on those fond memories and when you get together ten and twenty years later, you can hopefully reminisce about those times.

I think for these kids it's a really neat experience. I’m just thankful it's not raining out here tonight! It should be a good night.

[Coach] Let's go deep. Let’s have some fun with this!


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