A few secrets to overcoming the struggle of building a brand

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A few secrets to overcoming the struggle of building a brand

Why is building a brand so tough? And how does your brand strategy affect your branding results? For every successful Apple and Nike, there are thousands of failures.

Why would Amherst Madison be any different? Founder, Nick Schlekeway, was told he had lost his mind.


He wanted to create a new type of real estate company. And he wanted to do it in a way that had never been done before.

Against all odds, his company has thrived. Schlekeway is building a brand that is redefining industry expectations.

The efforts are paying off.

According to Inc Magazine, Amherst Madison is one of the top companies in Idaho. And it ranks #715 out of all privately held companies in the United States.

The secret?

Building a brand that is professional and consistently delivers value to its clients.

Listen to Schlekeway and Amherst Madison's designated broker, Eva Steinwald, as they share their secrets. They cover:

  • the challenges of starting a brand from scratch
  • how they maintain their branding standards
  • why they are building a family culture amongst its agents
  • how the brokerage gives back to its community

Every shirt tells a story. Every brand has a struggle.

Learn more about Amherst Madison and how they are building their brand at www.amherstmadisonlegacy.com

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