Husky PRIDE Builds Accountability

Husky PRIDE Builds Accountability

By Clint Hordemann

Some very special things are going on at North Star Charter school in Eagle, Idaho.  Through fun and engaging programs, students are getting more involved with activities, and the administration is rewarding them for their participation and exceeding expectations.

For more than a year, Select Printing has worked with Katie Francis on various projects. Last season, she was the girl's basketball coach at North Star. This year, she is the school's Athletic Director. Over the last year, I have noticed a dramatic increase in student participation in sports. There has also been an uptick thanks to the creation of the Husky Pride program.  

Both of these fascinated me. I sat down with Katie to find out more about what she, and the school, are doing.

Proud Huskies

The administration created "HUSKY PRIDE" to reward North Star students for exceeding expectations. When a student shows exceptional PRIDE they receive a PRIDE TICKET (See Attached). Students redeem these tickets at the HUSKY store for snacks, clothes, school supplies, and more

This creates motivation to do special things and treat classmates with respect and kindness.  

  • P – Positive Attitude
  • R – Respect
  • I – Integrity
  • D - Determination
  • E - Excellence

“One of the best things about the program is that everyone is included,” Katie said with a smile. “Doesn’t matter if you are in class, the halls, or at a sporting event. Our students know if they exceed expectations they will be rewarded. It has had a noticeable impact on behavior.”  

Sports Hold Students Accountable

Athletics at North Star have blown up. Not in the sense that they are bringing back state championship trophies. Still, every sport is bursting at the seams with participants. 

But why?

Known as one of the best academic schools in the state, sports were somewhat of an afterthought. Again, Katie and the administration saw an opportunity. 

How can we make the students' experience better and prepare them for the real world? Get them out there playing sports. 

I asked Katie how she has gotten more athletes to take part. She responded, “We work very hard to communicate what is going on with both students and parents. Plus, we make sure every student is aware that there are no cuts, giving more opportunities for kids to play. Everybody gets to play and get exposed to sports regardless of their ability.” 

She added, “We have found that our students have better academics while participating in sports because the coaching staff and administration is addressing balancing sports and academicsWe are with them more so we can hold them more accountable with grade checks and teaching about time management.”  

While listening to Katie, it was clear that she and the administration care deeply for their students. They make being a part of North Star special while teaching real-world lessons. As a parent, it is encouraging to know that values taught at home are being reinforced at school. Hard work, going beyond expectations, and doing special things for others get rewarded.  Plus, playing sports is more than winning and losing. It’s about participation, time management, and being held accountable. Those are important characteristics that are easy to take pride in.

Every shirt tells a story

This spotlight on North Star Charter is the first in our new "stories" series. Our intent is to release a new story each month about a group, organization or company that is doing something special for the people they work with. 

Next month you will learn about a special brand that started in Boise, Idaho but has grown to be known coast to coast. 

Do you know of a special group that should be recognized? Send an email to us at with why you think we should feature them online!


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