Yotes For Hope by the College of Idaho Program Council

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Yotes For Hope by the College of Idaho Program Council

The Hope House in Marsing, Idaho is an incredible place. And the College of Idaho Program Council has provided these special kids a chance to have a real game day experience. From a football game to a Yotes' volleyball match, this tradition continues to put smiles on faces and bring together the community.

“My name is Gibson Berryhill, I’m a Senior at College of Idaho.”

“I’m Shaston Jolly, I’m a Senior at the College of Idaho.”

“I’m (inaudible) Garcia and I’m Amy Colbert and we’re part of Program Council, we’re the two out of four members!”

GB: We just got done with our first pep rally of the year. We got to support the whole campus, get everybody excited for what’s coming up this year. Today we’re getting ready to watch some football and watch some volleyball, but most importantly we’re going to bring out 30 kids from the Hope House in Marsing. The Hope House is an orphanage for kids who’ve had failed adoptions. So kids who have been twice removed from families.

If you’ve ever been in contact with these kids; which I’ve been lucky enough to come around them through basketball. Coach Garson originally introduced them to the team and now Coach Blaine is getting involved with them again. It’s just a really cool organization with a really good cause and some kids that will really change your perspective on life.

TS: We’ve got some shirts to give away to them. These actually, “Yotes For Hope”. We’re going to take them to the football game later, cheer hard and then we’ve got some catering later with BACON, we’re going to feed them, keep playing some yard games. We also have tickets for the volleyball game later tonight.

GB: We’re the glorified party planning committee. Really what we’re out here to do is get the campus going.

What we’re doing out here today, with the help of Select Printing is trying to raise awareness that College of Idaho is a big circle. I think if you ever talk to our new Co-Presidents, Doug and Jim that’s what they’re going to talk about. They’re going to talk about widening that circle and making this community felt way beyond Caldwell. So we want to show people how caring of a community we have with these shirts. It’s “Yotes For Hope,” that draws people over. Everybody’s already coming over asking “Hey can we buy these?” “Hey where do we get these?” So we might be having to put in a lot more orders because a lot of people are crazy about swag and a lot of people are crazy about the story behind the swag.

So it’s a really good thing to be able to do and a really good partnership especially with Select Printing, knowing they’re local roots as well as the employees they have there. Just so many good people. They’re doing it for the right reasons.


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