Brand Development

Brand Development

"That person is wearing my shirt!"

Seeing your brand and design being worn by a perfect stranger is an amazing feeling. It means they recognize something special in what you have created and want to show everyone they see. And it means that you've accomplished an important step in your brand development.

If you have a brand or imagery that you would like to get out to the world, we have a solution for you. Select Printing works with you to help your quest of continued brand development.

When it comes to producing your branded garments, we meet your exact specifications on garment type, style, color and location. We also dive in to your target market's price point, packaging and delivery needs.

Our goal: make you look as good as your brand. Give us a call or send us an email and we will figure out how to get your brand out to the world.

Brand Development Examples

West Mountain Drifters is an emerging lifestyle brand rooted in the outdoors. They've been featured in art shows around the west and midwest and have started to translate their brand from canvas to garments. This brand (click here to see the brand's webpage) has used our team when they need precision prints for photo shoots and promotional opportunities.

Remember "LIN-sanity"? They do.

Having a team on your side that is ready to help you with your brand development in a moment's notice means taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Idaho Select Basketball expanded their program in to Montana, creating Montana Select Basketball. They wanted a consistent look and feel for their players so they co-produced shooting shirts that gave both programs a unique feel while maintaining a unified look.

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If you would like more information about how we can help your brand and your brand development, you can contact us directly or sign up to receive the occasional update on what other brands are doing in regards to screen printing their imagery.